iPage VS JustHost

iPage Vs JustHost

It is imperative for any company to weigh in all the options pertaining to any business decision. Whether it is buying some leads or choosing a web hosting company, any business owner should do a holistic analysis of what all are in the offing.
Today there are numerous web hosting companies all across the world. No longer does a business need to hire a local web hosting company since there is no constraint to hire a provider based in any country, state or city, as long as the services offered are state of the art and cost effective. With most customer service and support systems being offered remotely, what truly matter at the end of the day are the pricing, features, reliability and turnaround times during situations of urgency.
Here is a comprehensive iPage Vs JustHost analysis.

Most web hosting companies today have similar price points. Hence it has become increasingly difficult to assess the better choice by simply taking into account the price per month. However, when a company manages to offer better features and is a more reliable web hosting solution provider offering its services at a relatively lesser price, it becomes an easy choice of rational preference. That is exactly what happens with our iPage Vs JustHost review. iPage charges slightly less than JustHost. There are standard plans and premium plans and coupons to be considered as well. Even with discounts, you can expect to pay $3.50 per month with iPage while JustHost charges you $3.75 per month.

Almost every web hosting company trying to make a mark or already a brand would offer numerous unlimited features including disk space, bandwidth, POP3 accounts and others. iPage outdoes JustHost with several crucial features. While JustHost offers only 3 free domains, iPage offers unlimited free domains. You get a ShopSite, Bing/MSN ad credits and Yellowpages.com listing with iPage, none of which are in the offing from JustHost. Coupled with the pricing and the additional features, iPage becomes an easy choice to make.

iPage has been around for quite some time and its reliability, uptime and promptness of service delivery has been tried and tested by thousands of businesses. It has stood the test of time while JustHost is yet to prove its reliability.

Customer Service
Both companies have all channels of communication but iPage also offers a community forum in addition to the calls, emails and chat supports.

And the winner is…
iPage is winning by points

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iPage vs Justhost

ipage vs justhost

Overall Rating of iPage:5 stars
Review by Kirill KK


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