iPage VS InMotion

iPage Vs InMotion


Small to medium businesses would always look for a web hosting solution that offers the most state of the art services, extensive features and reliable uptime without charging hefty each month. Naturally, one needs to look at various facets of the plans offered while choosing a web hosting company.

Today there are numerous web hosting companies all across the world. No longer does a business need to hire a local web hosting company since there is no constraint to hire a provider based in any country, state or city, as long as the services offered are state of the art and cost effective. With most customer service and support systems being offered remotely, what truly matter at the end of the day are the pricing, features, reliability and turnaround times during situations of urgency.

Here is a comprehensive iPage Vs InMotion analysis.

Having several plans and price points are a good thing. It creates the opportunity for companies to choose a specific plan that is suitable for them, meets their requirements and also fits the budget but having a platter of plans do not help much when the features take a backseat allowing the prices to be hefty right at the outset.

iPage has a very simple plan where one pays $3.50 per month to get a horde of features in a web hosting plan. InMotion has more than five plans ranging from $3 to $14 per month. If you were to choose a plan form InMotion that would be at least come close to par with the one from iPage in terms of features then you would be paying either $5.95 per month for the Launch Plan or $7.95 per month for the Power Plan. iPage offers a much more cost effective plan than InMotion.

Even after spending more than what you would be paying with iPage, InMotion misses out on some key features that the former puts up in the offing. Some very important features such as PayPal Support, ShopSite, IMAP Support, PixelPost and marketing tools ala Google Ad Credits, Yahoo Ad Credits, Bing/MSN Ad Credits, Facebook Ad Credits and Yellowpages.com listings are offered by iPage and not InMotion.

Both the companies have similar uptimes but iPage has a track record of delivering what they promise in their service terms.

Customer Service
All modes of customer service are available but the community forum and Knowledgebase & FAQ are resources that InMotion doesn’t offer.

iPage is a definite winner and we highly recommend it for your web hosting needs!

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ipage vs inmotion

Overall Rating of iPage:5 stars
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