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iPage vs Dreamhost – Which is the Best Option for Web Hosting


Without a website, a business cannot keep up with the changing times. However, the owner of a business might not have the time or resources to take care of their page. By looking into a good web hosting service, an owner does not have to worry anymore about maintaining their website. There are many web hosting companies out there, but two of the biggest ones are iPage and Dreamhost. Here is a comparison of iPage vs Dreamhost, and which one is the best to use for web hosting.

When it comes to pricing, iPage is the better of the two web hosting services because it offers a very low pricing package for a little as 3.50 a month whereas Dreamhost charges 8.95. In comparing iPage vs Dreamhost when it comes to price, there really is no comparison because there are a lot of extra little fees that Dreamhost may charge their customers that they may not be aware of until they get the bill.

IPage is the winner again with the products and services that a web hosting company features. A customer can get over 250 dollars in services versus the mere 75 dollars that Dreamhost has to offer. Other great benefits that iPage has over Dreamhost is the fact that anyone that uses them can get extra help when it comes to the construction of their webpage. IPage also gives new customers the option of a free domain name when they sign up with the services.

A person that signs up with web hosting services need certain things like disk space, bandwidth, and an email account. Comparing iPage vs Dreamhost in the web hosting department, iPage has better hosting features including tools to help with different kinds of software.

Customer service will make or break a web hosting service. When it comes to getting help when a customer needs it the most, iPage offers their support both with chat and telephone. In addition to the anytime support via the computer or phone, iPage has a database that offers videos, and frequently asked questions in case someone wants to try and resolve the issue themselves.

When it comes to web hosting, there are two companies that are considered the best. However, with the question of iPage vs Dreamhost, the clear winner for web hosting services is iPage. IPage has many features including low prices packages and customer support any time. Even the experts all agree that iPage is the best web hosting company out there for its services, features, and most of all its reliability.

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