iPage VS Bluehost

iPage vs Bluehost


There are numerous web hosting companies all across the world. A business has the luxury to choose a web hosting company that offers the best features at the best prices. No business intends to spend more for the same quality of service and if there is an opportunity to enjoy better features at less service with better service delivery then it is hardly a paradox for a business owner. What truly matter at the end of the day are the pricing, features, reliability and turnaround times during situations of urgency.
Here is a comprehensive iPage Vs BlueHost analysis, two prominent web hosting companies that would vie for your contract.

iPage is a web hosting company that has always offered amazingly cost effective plans. BlueHost charges $6.95 per month for unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains. iPage charges only $3.50 for the same features of unlimited domains, unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. While the cost of the plan from BlueHost is not exactly double that of iPage, it is considerably skyrocketing in comparison. Had BlueHost been offering a plan that outdoes every feature of iPage then it might have been justified but that doesn’t happen.

iPage Vs Bluehost doesn’t show any superiority of either one when we look at Disk Space, Bandwidth, Hosted Domains, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts, Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Sub Domains, POP3 Accounts, E-mail Alias and Auto Responders. All these features are unlimited. However, iPage offers free website templates, video tutorials, PayPal Support, Ad Credits on Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and listing on Yellowpages.com. Furthermore, there is a domain register service with iPage as well as money back guarantee. None of these features are available from BlueHost. An additional $3.45 without features that matter a lot in web hosting is certainly not what businesses can truly benefit from with BlueHost.

iPage is one of the most reliable web hosting companies in the world. Whether it is their uptime, quality of service or associated services and self help tools, iPage has been consistently rated as an ‘excellent’ web hosting company in all surveys while BlueHost has been regarded as a ‘very good’ web hosting company. Without any money back guarantee and paying substantially more for less features is what BlueHost puts up which certainly doesn’t help in establishing their leverage over iPage.

Customer Service
Customer service is at par of both the companies barring the video tutorials and extensive Knowledgebase & FAQ that iPage has and BlueHost doesn’t.

Ipage is a definite winner and we recommend it for all your web hosting needs. No matter if you have a tiny blog, or a huge web portal – iPage is your best choice for really affordable price.

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ipage vs bluehost

Overall Rating of iPage:5 stars
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