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hostgator vs hostmonsterHostmonster vs Hostgator has been an ongoing debate for quite some time. Those who have used the services of Hostmonster are still with them and those with Hostgator rarely see an obvious reason to move or shift elsewhere. At a time when there are very few finer elements distinguishing hosting providers, how does one actually establish an argument on Hostmonster Vs Hostgator? Furthermore, given the fact that both are reputable companies founded and operated by successful American entrepreneurs, how do new businesses looking for a host, select either of the two?

Hostmonster Vs Hostgator – Common Features
When a business chooses a hosting plan, the most common features are the most important ones. Very few businesses would actually need extensive or high end facilities. Both Hostmonster and Hostgator offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited space for FTP accounts, unlimited emails and auto responders.

Hostmonster Vs Hostgator – Price
There is a clear difference of $1 and the primary difference is 1 domain from Hostgator while Hostmonster offers unlimited domains. The moment you choose to have unlimited domains from Hostgator, the price shoots up to $6.35. Now here, the price goes in favor of Hostmonster. Hostgator is charging about $1.5 more than Hostmonster for the same features.

Most businesses look at the initial package price and jump onto the conclusion that Hostgator offers better value at a certain price but it is clearly not the case. The Hostmonster plan is a 12 month contract plan whereas that of Hostgator is a monthly plan. Many have criticized the need of a 12 month plan. But if you can save a few dollars on a contractual plan then it really doesn’t hit anyone badly. Furthermore, there is more security to have the same price being available for 12 months which is clearly not the case with Hostgator.

Hostmonster Vs Hostgator – Added Features
At a time when Shockwave support is mandatory for most websites, Joomla is becoming a dominant force as a website builder and SEO is quintessential for the success of any website, these features must be provided by a hosting provider. Hostmonster offers Shockwave, Joomla and SEO support and also Google Ad Credits. None of these facilities are available with Hostgator.

Who’s the Winner”
The users of Hostgator are very happy with its service and it is one of the reasons Hostgator remains one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. Both companies have their advantages, but Hostgator is a definite leader and winner between the two companies.

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Hostmonster vs hostgator

Overall Rating of Hostgator:5 stars
Review by Kirill KK

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