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Fatcow vs hostmonsterAll hosting providers have certain same set of features to offer and the freebies are often in the same peripheral. It is thus important for businesses to look for better price, better features which are less expected from the hosting providers and which solution offers more associated benefits.

Hostmonster Vs Fatcow is a specific approach to decipher which features from each of the two companies would offer more benefits to a business. The two companies are among the very best hosting solutions in the US and they have a huge base of existing customers. Let us take an analytical perspective at the two providers in this Hostmonster Vs Fatcow.


The best price of Fatcow is $3.67 while that of Hostmonster is $3.95. Any business that has used a host before would know that the best prices hardly offer all the features required. In such a scenario, it is always the most suitable plan. Ideally such a plan would have unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains. These are the basic requisites of any business. Now, Fatcow offers these features at $5.50 a month while Hostmonster offers them at $4.95. From the financial perspective, Hostmonster Vs Fatcow is clearly in favor of Hostmonster. Since both the companies use Linux as the operating system in their backyard, one doesn’t get an opportunity to choose on that perspective.


Looking at other features, Hostmonster offers free private SSL and free domain. Fatcow doesn’t offer any of these two but offers free website templates. Free private SSL would any day be more pricey and desirable than a couple of free website templates which are anyway not utilitarian if there isn’t a free domain in the first place. Free website templates are also available on the internet. A quick search can offer more designs than what a business might get time to browse through. From the perspective of free features with web hosting plans, Hostmonster Vs Fatcow again works against Fatcow by a huge margin.


Hostmonster and Fatcow both offer additional freebies. The former offers Google ad credits and search engine submission while the latter offers Google and Yahoo ad credits, and not search engine submission. Considering the popularity and outreach of Google, the ad credits on the search engine giant coupled with the search engine submission from Hostmonster manages to make more sense than some credits on Yahoo which is nowhere close to Google.

With similar quality of customer support and negligible downtime from both the hosts, assessing Hostmonster Vs Fatcow indicates that the former is fairly a better choice for all types of businesses.

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Hostmonster vs fatcow

Overall Rating of Hostmonster:5 stars
Review by Kirill KK

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