Hostgator vs Rackspace – Hosting Comparison

HostGator vs RackSpace
There are numerous webhosting companies that you would contemplate upon while choosing a webhost for your company or personal website. If you have used a few webhosts before then you are perhaps aware of the challenges that you would face and how to tackle them with a webhost. If you haven’t had the experience of dealing with a webhost then you ought to start off with a reliable provider.
In our Hostgator Vs Rackspace review, we look at the features each of the two webhosts provides and which one would be a better choice for you.
Hostgator Vs Rackspace – A Comprehensive Review

Hostgator and Rackspace have very similar plans and very similar pricing. The plans of Hostgator are cheaper than Rackspace which adds to the former’s advantage as well as to your benefit. Rackspace targets the absolute entry level plans in webhosting which Hostgator also focuses on but Hostgator has plans to support the growth of your website, increased traffic and when you would need high end features. This is something that Rackspace fails to provide.

The biggest difference between the two lay in the manner in which they operate and the kind of infrastructure they have in place. Hostgator is based in the United States and has servers physically located at their headquarters. Rackspace offers cloud based services. While cloud computing can be very efficient, it raises some important questions when we talk about hardware. Webhosting is not a service that is provided on the basis of a few software and tools. There has to be advanced servers, robust redundancy policies and experts attending to the functioning of the servers and all the websites hosted with the company. What is not clear about Rackspace is whether or not their servers are located in their headquarters or at their office site. If Rackspace has their servers based on the cloud too, which simply implies that their servers are at any remote location then there is no certainty as to who is managing the servers or attending to them. With such a huge uncertainty, businesses cannot make an informed choice on whether or not Rackspace would be able to deliver what they promise and ensure the proper functioning of the websites all the time.

Hostgator has several more features than Rackspace but more importantly, it is more reliable than Rackspace while being cheaper. Rackspace fails to outdo Hostgator with any of its features or offerings.

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