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Hostgator and JustHost review

Choosing the right webhost for your website can be a difficult task with the vast number of different web hosting sites and companies that are available online. Two of the leading competitors for web hosting are Hostgator vs Justhost. The best way to determine which one is actually better may require a comparison study in order to tell which company offers the best value and the best features from their hosting packages. The following article will attempt to compare hosting in HostGator vs Justhost so that you can come to an informed decision on which company to go with when hosting your own website.

First of all, in comparing the two companies as a whole Hostgator has been around since 2002 and already serves more than 5 million domain names for hosting. Hostgator uses entirely green and renewable wind energy to power their offices and equipment as well making them a responsible and environmentally sustainable option for hosting. HostGator has won a number of consumer awards and consistently ranks amongst tue top web hosting companies when it comes time to compare hosting.

Justhost has been in business since 2007 and does not have the same amount of experience in hosting that a website such as HostGator has. Just host has won a number of awards for their service but do not have the same level of experience and also are not able to offer the same established experience that Hostgator comes with having been in business an extra 5 years and having managed so many other websites. As well The Justhost option does not come with the guarantee of using entirely wind energy and is not considered to be an environmentally responsible hosting company.

Hostgator vs JustHost

As far as Uptime goes in Hostgator VS Justhost the numbers are fairly close but Hostgator is the winner because of their industry leading 99.9% uptime guarantee. In a test to measure daily response time and uptime Hostgator outperformed Justhost exponentially in both response time and server uptime over a 30 day period, with HostGator continuing to have unbelievably consistent numbers for response time and uptime throughout the course of the 30 days.

Control Panel

For control panel settings both of the systems use the most popular control panel system in web hosting today which is called cPanel. cPanel makes it very easy to install extensions into a website and toggle extensions and addons to your website as well. The control panel is incredibly responsive and makes life quite easy. While some hosting websites will use a custom interface which can be slow the cPanel option allows for a standardized customization platform allowing a webmaster easy access to make changes. One of the drawbacks to the slower server times on JustHost is that occasionally accessing the control panel would be a bit laggy or some changes would time out over the course of the editing process. Because Hostgator was able to offer server response times which were a few milliseconds faster on average than the Justhost system, their control panel seemed to have the best range of function and seemed to freeze up far less. Because of this very small difference HostGator is the winner if you were to compare hosting on the control panel alone.

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When it comes to the plans for hosting in HostGator vs Justhost, Justhost has only one to choose from. The just host featured plan requires a fee of $3.75 a month and comes with ulimited gb of hosting space and bandwidth. This is a promotion however and may not be available for a long period. As well, members of the just host hosting service will be able to register a free domain for one year and get unlimited add on domains to their website. Websites feature SSL security and the packages also come with a number of different tools for search engine submission and free advertising credits to help you to build traffic for your website. The Justhost plan is one of the greatest valued hosting plans in the industry. The introductory package from Hostgator costs a little bit more starting at $4.95 a month and the introductory package does not include unlimited domains, SSL security or many of the features that are available on JustHost for a lesser price. There are other hosting packages which cost a bit more money with the top package costing $9.99 a month and featuring many of the same features as the Justhost package. Although Hostgator does not come with the same ad credit and offers that Justhost has, HostGator’s websites come with a number of different SEO tools which can allow web developers to build their websites to achieve high search engine rankings. HostGator also features a 45 day money back guarantee and Justhost features an anytime money back guarantee. In the battle of HostGator VS Justhost for value Justhost has the upper hand however with inconsistent uptimes, slower response times and less established time in the business Hostgator may be the more secure option to ensure your website is always accessable. In the worst case you can switch to either option should you require a change in service, using their money back guarantees.

Customer Support

Finally there is the idea of each company’s customer support service to take into account. When we compare hosting on a customer service level both feature a 24/7 phone and email support policy. JustHost also has a guarantee that a user will always be able to reach a real operator who can assist them through their difficulty. Both websites feature video and FAQ tutorials to guide users through any troubleshooting on their own as well. HostGator however has won multiple awards for its quality of Customer service and has been identified as one of the industry leaders in web hosting customer service. Normally operators can be reached within a few minutes of opening a ticket online and that simply is not shown on the Justhost platform. Because of their proven customer service in Hostgator VS Justhost, HostGator is the winner when it comes to great service and troubleshooting.


By comparing these two companies we have determined HostGator to be the winner. Because it is established, environmentally conscious, high ranking in customer service and has one of the highest uptimes out of any webhost it is the winner in the battle for Hostgator VS Justhost as a superior hosting company.


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Hostgator vs JustHost

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