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hostgator vs ipageTonight’s match is between HostGator and iPage. HostGator seems to be the crowd favorite because more people have heard of it, but this doesn’t mean that iPage, the underdog, can’t win this fight. The bells rings and the fight is on!

round1ROUND 1 – “PLANS”
In this first round, the companies throw punches to prove which has the better plans. At first glance, it seems like the opponents are evenly matched, but is this really the case? The fight is less even than it seems when you consider that HostGator has the better-priced introductory plan, which is definitely going to win over some fans who are more concerned about the bottom line. The Hatchling plan costs just $4.95 per month and you’ll pay only twice that for the most expensive plan on HostGator. Plus, HostGator also provides the ability to upgrade to host multiple domains or obtain SSL and a private IP on one of those domains. It’s looking grim for iPage, which offers none of those perks. However, iPage hopes to come up from behind with its temporarily sale. If you act fast, you can get hosting for just $1.99 per month. Still, HostGator’s lead is apparent, but iPage isn’t ready to give up. The opponents move into the next round.

The bell rings as the opponent face off from their corners. The first punch is thrown, but iPage seems to have renewed strength, while HostGator manages to dodge and duck all the returning blows. Both companies are head-to-head when you compare their support systems, which offer 24/7 live chat, phone and email options. The hosts also provide support documents to fix common issues that might arise, so there’s no clear winner yet. However, iPage seems to be wearing down as HostGator continues to pummel it with options it provides to consumers. Video tutorials give the reptilian host a small lead, and current customers are quick to lavish praise on the host for dealing with their problems efficiently. Nothing indicates that iPage isn’t as effective, but the smaller host lacks the awards hanging in the locker room. HostGator wins this round by a hair, but there’s still one more match.

The hosts bound back into action with renewed strength. iPage boasts about a site builder that is great for newbies who have never built a website, but HostGator isn’t ready to lose this match! The host responds in force, slamming iPage’s non-standard control panel. The “Website” section imitates cPanel, the industry standard control panel, but it’s just not the same. iPage does offer widgets for frequently-used content, but HostGator offers cPanel, with which most consumers are familiar. It’s easy to switch from another host because of it. cPanel also simplifies adding extensions to the control panel and scripts to the website. This round’s a draw, however, depending on your needs.

Although HostGator is better known, this isn’t the only factor in the Hostgator vs ipage fight. iPage is a winner regardless, with its dedicated support, plan options and user-friendly site builder.

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iPage Review

ipage review

Overall Rating of iPage: 5 stars
Review by Kirill KK

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