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GoDaddy hosting review
When it comes to finding the best webhost a good comparison shop is important in finding the one that has the best value and the best services for your website or business. Two of the largest online competitors or HostGator and GoDaddy, and this article will compaire the two for their value and their services.

As far as being established, GoDaddy has been in business since 1997 and has upgraded and changed the technology in which it has hosted to meet with consumer demands many times over. HostGator is a bit newer but still has 10 years of experience in the hosting game being established in 2002.

Both companies have a good presence in advertising and are able to offer great promotions and exposure for hosting. Danica Patrick has been representing GoDaddy for years, appearing in their advertisements for print television and radio, as well as driving the GoDaddy race car. HostGator has a fairly wide online advertising presence and is quite good at getting their name out to an online audience worldwide.

Because of the amount of experience and exposure that these two companies have they have a reputation to uphold and have some of the largest staffs and server space on the market out of any hosting company today.If we compare hosting both sites boast 99% uptime for all of their websites which is quite impressive and allows a person a good piece of mind when dealing with either company.

Control Panel

One of the main things to look into when you compare hosting in Hostgator Vs Godaddy is the control panel system that is in place with an individual host. The online control panel can be used to install scripts and elements to your website from a developer perspective. Many hosts allow for a quick install of wordpress or other elements that make updating and maintaining your website very easy, but some have very restrictive features that limit the amount of edits that you can make to your website and control panel platform.

The GoDaddy custom control panel is fine but is quite simple. Allowing a user to check statistics and edit various clients and accounts on their website as well as install extensions and webmaster tools. It has a good number of features but has also been known to crash and have slow accessibility options.

Hostgator vs GoDaddy


The HostGator control panel features a few extra features and is made using the industry standard control panel known as cPanel. Creating databases and adding scripts can be done almost instantly using the cPanel system on Hostgator and installing scripts and extensions can be done with ease as well.

Hostgator Cpanel

The cPanel system is the most popular control panel in the hosting industry for its form and function which make learning about how to use it very simple as there are many tutorials online. Alternately if someone is used to using a control panel with another host the learning period between using another hosts Cpanel configuration and HostGator’s is almost instant, where the GoDaddy system can take more time to learn. Simply put, the HostGator Control panel seems to be faster, with more features and more functional than the custom control panel that GoDaddy has created.

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As far as the prices compaire between the two both GoDaddy VS Hostgator tend to offer very similar pricing packages for web hosting. When we compare hosting services, GoDaddy has an economy package at $5.99 a month with 5gb of space and unlimited bandwidth. 6.99 will get 150 gb of space and unlimited bandwidth and the ultimate package for $9.99 offers the same bandwidth but with premium DNS and SSL certificate. All of the GoDaddy packages also come with advertising credits from facebook and google adwords in varying amounts depending on the host plan that you go with.  These are all fairly great deals but HostGator has its own version of the 3 plans.

Hostgator, if we compare hosting, offers an introductory package at $4.95 a month that will offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. From there pricing of the next package features the ability to register more domains with the website and finally ending with SSL certificate support. The HostGator website will offer the best value for someone who is looking to set up a simple website, but GoDaddy has an advantage of coming with free advertising credits from facebook and google adwords. Being able to save even as much as  $1 a month and have access to unlimited bandwidth and space for your website is a big advantage over Godaddy, but being able to get free visitors by utilizing the free advertising is nice too. HostGator is probably the better choice for value but whether it pays off in the long run is questionable.

Customer Service

If you have a problem with either service it is important to be able to get results and fast. Hosting a website can lead to difficult setups and management, especially if you are a beginner to webmaster. When it comes to HostGator Vs GoDaddy, both offer 24 hour customer support but knowing if a website is able to keep up and actually provide great customer service is another test entirely.

Using Live chat, email or phone both companies can be reached within a matter of moments in order to fix your problems. In a consumer test a Godaddy representative took aproximatly 10 minutes to reach and was able to eventually fix the problem without issue. A HostGator representative took just 4 minutes to contact via live chat, fixed the issue and even sent a follow up email to be certain that all of the issues were resolved. While the difference in customer service is very close, Host Gator seems to win out in terms of going the extra mile and being available when problems arise.


In the battle of choosing HostGator Vs GoDaddy it can be very close when we compare hosting companies. When it comes to services like domain registration GoDaddy is the clear winner for price. But for actual hosting and monthly fees associated with the cost of a website, HostGator is the best option.

HostGator also seems to be the winner in terms of customer support and function of their control panel and systems as well.

In the end HostGator is probably the cheapest and most effective website to choose for all of your hosting needs. Although it has been in business less time, it is able to offer the best possible service for a much greater value than GoDaddy.

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