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Bluehost Hosting Review
When it comes to choosing the best hosting company for your website there are a number of great websites and services that are available and can offer you great hosting. Two of the top hosting websites are Hostgator and Bluehost. Although both are similar there are slight variations when it comes to the services and quality of services that are offered through each web host. The following article will compare hosting on each website and outline a number of different services and strengths that each website has, so that you can determine which website is the best hosting option for your website or web content.

Hostgator vs bluehost

As far as being established, Hostgator and Bluehost vary. Hostgator was founded in 2002 and continues to be one of the leading website hosting companies by managing over 5 million domains. Using renewable forms of energy such as wind power to provide electricity to their servers and offices, hostgator also features hosting that has an environmentally sustainable mission and uses entirely green energy. Bluehost is even better established having been in business since 1996. Bluehost suggests that they receive over 20,000 new customers every month and are responsible for managing millions of websites and domains. While Bluehost does not feature a green power initiative it does have a hosting reseller program and is able to provide years of experience in hosting using changing technology.

Server uptime

When it comes to server uptime as well both websites can offer a 99.9% uptime which is amongst the highest available in any webhost to date. Even though Bluehost has been in business for a number of years they do not seem to have the same kind of response times as what Hostgator has, meaning that when it comes time to compare hosting, in the comparison of Hostgator Vs Bluehost, HostGator is the clear winner. Because of their increased speeds and the fact that they use renewable energy Hostgator is probably the better choice for performance and sustainability in a host.


When it comes to the packages that are available from a webhost there are also fairly similar values and features that can be found on both Hostgator and Bluehost when we compare hosting. HostGator is able to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage with even their lowest hosting option. At a cost of $5.95 a month it is one of the lowest costs to start a website and features upgradable packages which can include unlimited domain hosting and eventually private SSL and dedicated IPs for webhosting at a price of $10.36 per month. Not many hosts are able to offer such great services for such a low price. The Bluehost option also comes with unlimited bandwidth and one free domain registration for a price of $4.95 per month. While this option does come with support for a number of domains, it does not offer the option to upgrade the service and receive a dedicated IP for the website. It does however come with a free advertising credit from google which can help you to build your website visitors through advertising. Hostgator gives a webmaster access to a number of SEO tools which can be used to build a websites, search engine ranking allowing it to be competitive and included in search engines the moment it is registered. Both of these extras are good and bring value to the hosting package, either one can achieve great results as long as the content of the website your hosting is unique and interesting. Both websites feature a money back guarantee, with Bluehosts guarantee being good for anytime and Hostgator’s money back guarantee being good for the first 45 days after signup. The extra security features and options on the Hostgator plans make them a clear winner, but the value of Bluehost makes it a web host to certainly consider if you are starting a smaller website and needed a lower cost to buy in. HostGator has plans that are more geared towards large scale websites hoping to run ecommerce and online secure transactions. In the battle of features for webhosting in HostGator Vs Bluehost, Hostgator brings more to the table here.

Hostgator vs Bluehost

Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel in Hostgator Vs Bluehost, they use the same system. While Hostgator does include a custom site builder with their control panel, both of the systems use the industry standard control panel known as cPanel. cPanel is an easy access control panel that will allow a user a one click install for many website features and extensions such as wordpress which can be used to update and manage a websites content. Because of the faster response times for the servers in the Hostgator network their version of cPanel seemed much easier to access and was less prone to freezing than the Bluehost version. The site builder option on HostGator also makes it a great choice for someone who is fairly new to managing a website and does not know how to use elements such as wordpress. Using the site builder a webmaster can easily drag and drop elements into their website design to create a functioning website in minutes. Because of these options and the speed of the servers when it came time to compare hosting Hostgator was the clear winner in the control panel and usability side of hosting.

Customer Service

Finally the last aspect of the hosting to look into was the customer service. Both websites feature a comprehensive help center which allows webmasters to troubleshoot any issues they may have with the hosting, the control panel or any extensions that they may have installed into their website. Both websites also have 24/7 phone, email and IM support for all of their customers. The Bluehost help center had a number of step by step guides and video tutorials as well as some wizards to get users started and troubleshooting their problems. Hostgator features similar options with very detailed video tutorials and step by step troubleshooting guides which can help users to troubleshoot their issues as well. HostGator however has won many awards for its customer service and seems to always be available when you need an operator most. The response time for an operator was a few minutes more on Bluehost which would suggest that when facing Hostgator VS Bluehost, Hostgator is the true winner for customer service as well because of their response times and availability.


When it comes to selecting a proper host after you have taken the time to compare hosting in Hostgator Vs Bluehost, the clear winner appears to be Hostgator. Because these websites are just so similar for hosting, it is a very close race, but HostGator prevails because of its use of wind power, its speed of service on the servers and it’s amazing customer service. If you are going to pick a web host HostGator is most definitely one of the best around.

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Hostgator vs Bluehost

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Bluehost Review

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