ipage review

While any iPage hosting review by an expert or from the perspective of a comparison with other hosting service providers have a lot of relevance and should be considered while opting for or not choosing the company’s hosting services, it is actually an iPage hosting review from a customer standpoint that is the most significant.

Today, most reviews of hosting companies are on a comparable basis and that takes away the basic essences of hiring a hosting company which is the relationship a client can have with the company and vice versa. It is fairly easy to look at only the features or the price points and draw up an analysis but as any company or individual who has hired a hosting service provider would know, the real context is in the association and how the overall experience is.

Thus, here is an iPage hosting review that takes a look at the company and its services including the features of hosting plans entirely from the perspective of a customer.


First, iPage is an easy company to work with. They do not have complicated startup plans and the systems in place are perfect even for the most novice customer. Not knowing the protocols of hosting is not something any client should be concerned about when hiring a host and that is exactly what iPage lives by. The easy startup guide and the simple arrangements can get you started in no time which is certainly one of the biggest advantages of iPage.


Second, the customer service is unparallel. Even in a comparative analysis vis-à-vis other hosting companies, iPage emerges as the clear winner. There is no downtime and the technicians are well accustomed with hosting. There is no offshore call center or unaware executives to speak with. The technicians are based in the US and they know the entire nitty-gritty about hosting and all problems that you may or may not come across.


Third, building websites using their templates, WordPress or other software is phenomenally easy. You can setup a website in a matter of one day or two if you have the content. What is even more impressive is that with their website builders you can develop a site that looks professional and is well put up.
Fourth, the privacy policy of iPage is unprecedented. If you run a business and have to share some sensitive details about products or services to be uploaded to the site then you can vouch on their confidentiality.

ipage review

Overall Rating of iPage:5 stars
Review by Kirill KK