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Until a few years back, there wasn’t much of a difference in web hosting for a business, individual or a church. All had standard practices and certain trends defined how church web hosting would be catered to. With each passing year, church web hosting has undergone several transformations and the objective of running a website is not restricted to an online presence. There are several factors that have seeped into the conceptualization and execution of church web hosting. The three things that have become extremely important are cost effective quotes, secured site and quality uninterrupted service.

The price factor is a decisive criterion for anyone, business or church. It is always desirable to have cheap web hosting solution for your church. The same significance can be accorded to security and quality of service. However, security becomes even more important in church web hosting because the website of a church needs to be clean, free of spam content and protected against hackers or un-parliamentary elements that are a constant threat to the virtual world. When the factors or price, quality of service and security come together to form the qualifying benchmarks for any church web hosting company, things have to be looked at from a holistic perspective than just only one of the essential criteria.

A company catering to church web hosting must be able to offer affordable solutions. There are $5 packages, $7 packages and also more than $10 packages. A few companies offering church web hosting charge exorbitantly since they aim to be solely serving the Christian communities and hence claim superior service. The irony is that higher prices are not always a guarantee of the quality of service. Similarly, ability to create extensive features on a website is not a surefire sign of expertise in security.

By far and large, iPage happens to be the most cost effective, secured and qualitative church web hosting provider at present.

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