Best Linux Web Hosting Company for 2012


Best Linux Web Hosting 2012 companies

Linux web hosting is by far the most preferred and the best operating system platform to form the foundation of your business upon. If your web hosting company works on Windows then you are certainly dealing with that one rare company which hasn’t had the taste of what Linux web hosting can offer.

Linux web hosting is the cheapest and the most reliable options out there. Most companies prefer the cost effectiveness while others like the security. There are many in the world of programming who would tell you that Linux web hosting is more secured than Microsoft’s operating systems and the others. The user friendliness, stability and software compatibility of Linux web hosting is unprecedented and unparallel.

More than 60 % of the companies in business use Linux web hosting to offer their products and services to businesses. When you decide to choose a web hosting company, it is imperative that you choose one that operated on Linux but how do you choose among the several options vying for your contract.

Here is a brief guide to how you can select the best Linux web hosting company.

  • Look at the features and facilities that are in the offing. The best Linux web hosting company must be able to offer unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, free site builder and various other freebies. The days when you would have to count GB and be bothered about maxing out your quotas are over and today, whether a company is small or big, has ecommerce or not, should have these unlimited features from a Linux web hosting company.
  • When it comes to choosing the best Linux web hosting company, customer support and services must be unmatchable. The company that is not just available round the clock throughout the year but goes off the beaten tracks to fix things for you would be ideal. There shouldn’t be many problems in the first place given the fact that the best Linux web hosting company would have an uptime of over 99.99 % yet if there is a minor glitch, the company must be able to address it instantaneously, efficiently and effectively.
  • After you have considered the email accounts, reviews and associated services such as ecommerce support etc, the best Linux web hosting company should be able to offer you a highly competitive price per month. It might not be the cheapest but would not be expensive either.

When we conduct a comparative analysis of all the Linux web hosting companies, iPage emerges as the clear winner without an iota of doubt.


iPage(Top Hosting Pick!)

iPage Best Linux Web Hosting Companies for 2012
  • Price$3.67/month
  • Space Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Domain Name Free
  • SiteBuilder Free
  • Ecommerce Supported
  • Support Very responsive

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Overall Rating of iPage:5 stars
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