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Greengeeks Web hosting has been the number one choice in eco-hosting for nearly a decade, and if you’re looking for hosting service that offers you a huge variety of services and gives back to the environment, then Greengeeks is the hosting site for you. WebhostingHub is another popular Web hosting site for many Web page owners, and it claims to offer the same kinds of services to meet the demands of today’s site owners, but how superior is it? In order for you to get the greatest service at the lowest price, read on to check out Greengeeks vs. WebhostingHub, and discover why Greengeeks should be your hosting choice.

When it comes to GreenGeeks vs. WebhostingHub, these companies are similar in many ways. They both use Linux as their operating system, and while WebhostingHub is a dollar cheaper a month in cost, Greengeeks has more services overall, which means you get more for your money. While you think you might save more annually by going with a cheaper service, think about this: your monthly fee is part of an investment in our environment that goes toward green solutions and the conservation of energy. For every dollar that they spend on their own power usage, Greengeeks invests up to three hundred percent more that amount in renewable energy sources, particularly in wind generators. Spending a dollar more a month in order to protect the environment and give money to take part in green efforts for the planet is more than worth it.

Greengeeks also has many more customer service features than WebhostingHub. Greengeeks offers users free video tutorials and a FAQ page/knowledgebase, while WebHostingHub does not. This means that if you are new to Web hosting and are not sure how to set up your page, you can learn hands-on with these tutorials and then access the FAQ’s page if you have any questions. Greengeeks also gives users three e-mail features that WebHostingHub can’t: mailing lists, mail forwarding, and IMAP support. With mailing lists, you can set up custom lists of clients and keep them organized so that you can send out mass e-mails to those who have signed up for and receive updates from your sites. IMAP offers e-mail retrieval so that you have the ability to fetch important e-mails that are still on your servers. When you compare Greengeeks vs. WebHostingHub, Greengeeks is your best choice because it has more features and the company works toward renewable energy sources for a healthier planet.

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