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GreenGeeks VS RackSpace

A website is integral to a company’s existence. With unprecedented dependence on internet marketing, online sales, online reputation and customer service, a company’s website needs to be state of the art, unique and it must be available all the time. The functioning of a website is entirely dependent on a webhosting company. Should you choose the right web hosting company, you will save money, have a plethora of features supporting your website, emails and the availability of your website at all times along with its ability to handle traffic will never be a concern.

Since there are many webhosting companies and various types of plans, you may find it difficult to make a choice. Here is a comprehensive GreenGeeks Vs Rackspace analysis to help you choose the better between the two.

GreenGeeks Vs Rackspace

GreenGeeks and Rackspace have a lot in common and more than a lot not in common. For a start, Rackspace is not a webhosting solution for any company that is looking for an economic plan. Usually, all companies have a startup plan or a basic plan, followed by a professional or an advanced plan and then comes the list of high end plans. Depending on what kind of website is being hosted, the various purposes it has to accomplish and the anticipated traffic, a company would choose the kind of plan that suits the requisites perfectly. From no perspective do the high prices of Rackspace make sense.

GreenGeeks offers economic plans which are more suited for small to medium businesses. Besides, Rackspace hardly offers any out of the world features or service in its startup plans. The premium plans of Rackspace do come with some features that the likes of GreenGeeks do not provide however such features are barely required by most companies.

Rackspace is a rare webhosting company that claims to offer 100% uptime which implies that your website would never be down and you will have no problems whatsoever. All other webhost companies in the world claim a 99.9% uptime, like GreenGeeks. It is interesting to note that Rackspace had more than half a dozen problems in the last six months alone which clearly discards the claim of 100% uptime.

GreenGeeks offers all the services and features that Rackspace offers in startup plans but at a fraction of the price that the latter charges. Besides, Rackspace has a unique practice of trying to bill any and every support or service that is extended when in most cases the companies attend to the management of the website and the control panel on their own. There is simply no logical reasoning to invest heftily on the plan and then inflating the recurring expenses with Rackspace. GreenGeeks is on any day a better solution.

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