Greengeeks Vs Inmotion – Why You Should Go Green

Greengeeks Web hosting has been the leader in eco-hosting for over seven years, and if you’re looking for hosting service that offers you all of the services you need but are concerned about energy consumption and leaving a large carbon footprint in your wake, then Greengeeks is a great choice. While InMotion is another choice for your Web hosting needs and it claims to offer the same kinds of services to meet the demands of today’s site owners, is it truly superior? In order for you to get the most services at the lowest price, read on to check out Greengeeks vs. Inmotion, and why Greengeeks is your best choice for Web hosting.

While both hosting sites offer Linux as its operating systems, Greengeeks is cheaper per month to run: they offer the use of the page for $4.95 a month, while InMotion’s services cost $5.95 a month. While this does not sound like much of a difference, when paid on a monthly basis, you will save $120 dollars by the end of the year. In addition, the money you are investing in your site with company will go into renewable wind generators that Greengeeks buys back at over three hundred percent. This means that for every amount that they spend on their own power consumption, they are investing three times that amount in green, renewable energy. In fact, this is the only company that is taking steps like this in order to protect the environment. Inmotion has no such plan in place.

Greengeeks also excels in customer service. While Inmotion does have a variety of services that will give you support with your Web site, Greengeeks offers two services that they do not: a 24 hour live chat that is available every day of the year in case you are having trouble with your site or have any questions. This means that if you are working on your site late at night or very early in the morning, you will have access to customer support every moment that you are working. This kind of support is something that Inmotion does not offer. Why wait to get help while your site remains down and customers are going to other pages in order to find what they need? Getting help faster means that your page stays up, no matter what time of day it is. When you look at the facts of Greengeeks vs. Inmotion, when it comes to price and customer service, Greengeeks is your best choice.

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