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GreenGeeks vs. HostGator – Hosting Comparison – GreenGeeks Review

In this day and age, people are always looking on ways to protect the environment.  With the recent development of green hosting, looking out for the environment has become a feature to look for when choosing an internet hosting provider.  This option has arisen due to the fact that if internet usage continues to rise at its current rate the power needed to run website hosting companies will be near the top of the list in pollution.  Common features of green hosting include limiting the emission of green house gasses and running data centers off of renewable energy.  Two common options in green hosting are Green Geeks and HostGator.  While these two are both fairly common, choosing your internet hosting provider should not be taken lightly.  This is why a thorough examination of GreenGeeks vs. HostGator is necessary.

The first thing to look at in comparing GreenGeeks vs HostGator is which of the two provides better green hosting.  Both companies pull their electricity from the energy grid in order to provide uninterrupted services to you.  They both also purchase renewable energy credits greater than the amount of energy that they use.  However, the difference lays in the fact that HostGator purchases 130% of energy used, while GreenGeeks purchases three times more renewable energy credits than energy they use.  GreenGeeks also is extremely focused on recycling and only prints legal and essential documents.  In the battle of GreenGeeks vs. HostGator, GreenGeeks is on top in terms of green hosting.

While green hosting is obviously important, you also want to make sure that you are getting the best overall hosting service.  Between GreenGeeks vs HostGator, this is not even a competition.  GreenGeeks is about a dollar more expensive than HostGator per month, but in the long run you will be glad that you spent this little bit of extra money.  With your service, GreenGeeks and HostGator both provide you with a free website builder.  However, GreenGeeks site builder is far superior to HostGator for both the novice user and the advanced user.  On top of this, with GreenGeeks you also get unlimited webspace, bandwidth, unlimited domain names, a free domain name for life, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited MySQL databases.  Other than unlimited web space and bandwidth, most of these services require additional fees at HostGator.

In the battle of GreenGeeks vs. HostGator, GreenGeeks comes out the clear winner.  Not only does it provide superior green hosting, it also provides superior overall superior web hosting in general.  Nobody could go wrong with GreenGeeks hosting service.

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