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GreenGeeks VS Fatcow

When we compare two companies, like what we would be doing here with Greengeeks Vs Fatcow, one aspect that would draw instant significance is the amount of time the two have been around. Fatcow has been a name that has been around for a longer period of time than Greengeeks. Once we start to look beyond the time they have been into business, we can take into consideration the packages, service and prices of the plans that are in the offing.

The hosting industry has changed for the good and all major service providers go for unlimited storage space, emails and domains in order to attract customers. Trying to judge whether or not you would be using 50 GB or 5 GB of storage space would tend to draw the Greengeeks Vs Fatcow discussion to a personal context. Here are some of the facts that are from the generic and factual view which would establish who is the better of the two.

  • Fatcow used to offer phenomenal performance. Just like how Greengeeks promote their 99.9 % uptime, Fatcow used to deliver it. Sadly, over the last year or so, their server speeds and uptime have been severely affected. Not sure about the reason but Greengeeks’ servers and green hosting clearly offers more uptime considering the stats today.
  • Every Greengeek review has harped and unanimously agreed on one aspect and that is the company offers amazing customer service. Not only are they available when one needs their help but their flexibility to go out of the way to fix things or address what a customer may need has certainly gone down very well with businesses all around. With hosting services, the customer service and prompt response time is crucial, especially if a lot of your business depends on your site and via emails. Green hosting certainly is better than Fatcow when we talk about service and turnaround times.
  • Over a short period of a little more than 5 years Greengeeks has not only managed to feature on major forums, registered on the Better Business Bureau but they have also managed to host more than a hundred thousand websites across 150 countries. This speaks of the success story of green hosting which is a tad better than Fatcow.
  • Fatcow charges $5.50 per month and Greengeeks charges $4.95. Price always plays a significant role in decision making.
  • Greengeeks offer free website migration, something Fatcow does not.

There are a few more differences but these should help one to understand the advantages of green hosting over Fatcow.

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