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GreenGeeks VS Dreamhost

Many corporations, large and small, across the world have developed eco-friendly green programs. While this is true in most industries, web hosting companies have not stepped up to the plate to become green web hosting companies. One standout example is GreenGeeks Web Hosting. They have adopted a comprehensive eco-friendly strategy from their offices on up to all of their processes and mindful energy consumption.

GreenGeeks was founded with the intent to bring eco-friendly practices into web hosting. In fact, in 2009 the EPA invited GreenGeeks to join their prestigious Green Power Partner program. They work with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to purchase wind energy credits to offset their energy consumption and put more energy back into the grid than they use. As an organization, they are hyper-conscious about the carbon footprint of both their employees and their offices. They have instituted a program where employees take turns bringing home cooked meals into the office to save time, money and the environmentally expensive takeout containers. GreenGeeks also has an extensive recycling program and only prints out mission critical or legal documents to save paper, toner and energy consumption.

The technology they employ for their comprehensive web hosting services include state of the art latest generation Intel Processors that draw less power and create less heat. All of these eco-friendly standards have made GreenGeeks leaders in the web hosting industry.

As for their products and services, they are backed by a money back guarantee and outstanding technical support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their technical staff is all native English speakers that reside in North America.

DreamHost is a competitor of GreenGeeks and offers many of the same products, albeit at higher prices with add ons like paying for live chat or callback technical support. Both offer unlimited data transfer bandwidth, unlimited website storage, and unlimited email and hosted domains. What truly separates them is their difference philosophy in regards to the environment.

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly green web hosting company that prides itself on providing exceptional technology and outstanding customer service. The easy to use control panel includes a Fantastico script library with a 1-click installation feature. This allows for seamless integration for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. Other Fantastico scripts include those for blogs, FAQs, mailing lists, polls, client management, shopping carts and guest books, just to name a few.

When consumers and businesses are searching for a new web hosting company and they want to support the environment, they must check out GreenGeeks and their services. The exceptional North American based technical support, outstanding technology, money back guarantees, their 99.9% uptime guarantee, the ease of use and a true green initiative and philosophy make GreenGeeks a superior option for web hosting services.

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