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GreenGeeks VS BlueHost

Every market place is heating up, startups and innovative ways of doing business have been transforming every industry in the world. There was a time, not many years back when five email addresses and one domain was considered to be a lucrative hosting option but with wars such as the Greengeeks Vs Bluehost, one is spoilt with features. However, with features, multiple facilities and hitherto unthinkable prices, it also becomes difficult to ascertain a clear winner.

Here we shall take a good look at green hosting with Greengeeks and that of Bluehost to determine which hosting service provider is a better option.

Greengeeks Vs Bluehost

We know that both the hosting companies offer several unlimited facilities from email addresses to storage space etc and they also charge pretty decent and reasonable amounts. The first major difference is that Bluehost plans start from $6.95 per month whereas Greengeeks start at $4.95. Clearly, green hosting has an economic advantage over Bluehost.

Both the companies offer unlimited bandwidth, hosted domains, add on domains, POP3 accounts, parked domains, sub domains and the list goes on hence one cannot establish a good Greengeeks vs Bluehost case on these aspects.

Looking a little further and delving into the specific hosting packages would tell us that Greengeeks offer free website templates and free website migration which Bluehost does not. Free website templates may still be passable since the internet has hundreds and thousands of those that can be downloaded for free but free website migration is certainly something where green hosting scores better than the rival.

Today customers prefer to stay updated and informed. Bluehost offers very little insights. Greengeeks have video tutorials, round the clock live chats and a detailed knowledgebase which are of great help to any entrepreneur or online content manager.

Talking about emails, accounts and FTPs, there isn’t much that can establish the superiority of one over the other. But website statistics is an area where green hosting clearly outdoes Bluehost. Greengeeks offer AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer Logs and Error Logs while Bluehost offer none of these features.

All said and done, Greengeeks offer green hosting with a 30 day money back guarantee, something most hosting service providers do not have. Not that a business would always need such a facility but having this clause helps one to try out services and keep using only when they do a fantastic job. There isn’t any sense of losing money in the exercise.

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