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greengeeks or amazonIf you are looking for a place to host your website, chances are you’ve heard of Amazon web services. You may even be leaning toward AWS because you can start out building your website and hosting it there for free. But unless you plan on keeping your website pretty basic, you might want to consider another hosting service that offers all of the extras at an upfront price.

Package Basics

The GreenGeeks package includes 24/7 support, unlimited disk storage, free site migration, unlimited POP3 and forwarding email accounts, unlimited MySQL Databases, Spam Assassin protection and unlimited subdomains. The service also includes courtesy backups performed nightly, monitoring every 10 seconds 24/7, a multi-gigabit connection and optimized web and database server. There is also free search engine submission and a free marketing package. There are also several Ecommerce features such as the ability to have a Zencart, Agora or OS Commerce shopping cart, password protected directories and SSL secure server.

Price Structure

One disadvantage to AWS is that you have no idea how much it’s going to cost. It’s all based on transactions on your website. Amazon will charge you 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction over $10. Additionally, AWS users don’t get free support. The support is $49 a month for the smallest paid package. From there, support costs are difficult to predict as they are also based on transaction.

In contrast, GreenGeeks price structure is simple and upfront. It is regularly $7.95 a month but right now it’s on sale for $3.96 per month. Full 24/7 support is included in that price.

Environmental Impact

Another thing to consider is the environmental impact. In 2005, the web hosting industry used as much energy as 14 major power plants. Luckily, GreenGeeks offers a way for you to mitigate this impact with your own business practices. GreenGeeks is actually a 300% wind powered business. This means that for the power the company uses from the grid, they purchase three times as many wind credits to put back into the grid. They also employ a long list of green practices including recycling and conservation. GreenGeeks is part of the EPA’s Green Power Partner Program. A search of the Amazon Web Services website for “green,” “environment,” and “wind power” yield no relevant results to indicate that Amazon Web Services is environmentally concerned.

Since it has been estimated that by 2020 the website hosting industry will be as big of a contributor to pollution as the airline industry, choosing a green company is a good decision.

greengeeks vs amazon

Overall Rating of Greengeeks: 5 stars
Review by Kirill KK

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