GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy Review

godaddy review
Everyone looking to start a website needs some kind of web hosting provider. Luckily for them, there’s already a large selection out there, whether they’re looking to build a personal website or business website that’s more of an experience for anyone who visits.

Web hosting is more or less a space where websites reside on the web. In the past, web hosting ventures were pretty straight forward. Nowadays, hosting providers have evolved to accommodate many webmaster-related needs at a time.

Most know GoDaddy as the sometimes controversial web hosting provider with those nationally airing television advertisements. To webmasters, they’re a hosting company who provides a sufficient enough web hosting service to give the most confused beginner a good start on the web. In this GoDaddy review, we’ll talk about just that.


GoDaddy touts themselves as an all-in-one service provider. They offer a variety of services all in the same place for webmasters to use. Their current all-in-one services includes their robust Website Builder, customer support, their free and subscription hosting plans and even access to freely available iStock photos and other web assets.

Although advanced and expert webmasters may find their offerings a bit sparse, beginners may find value in their all-in-one services. It’s especially handy if that same first timer is setting up their own e-commerce shop, a venture perhaps a bit too difficult if doing it from scratch.

Website Builder

As for Website Builder itself, GoDaddy offers three different pricing tiers for the platform: Economy, Deluxe and Premium. They also provide users more savings if they sign up for an extended period of time, perhaps a better deal in the long run for some users. As mentioned, this package comes with a limited amount of free iStock photos, in addition to a selection of custom email addresses, with Premium receiving the most perks.

The GoDaddy Design Wizard is another part of their Website Builder, which allows webmasters to choose a way to build their website: using their Quick, Designer or HTML Wizard. GoDaddy went on record stating a user can take just ‘three steps to set up their very own business website’ before publishing it to the web. While that may be true for some people, users are encouraged to take their own time filling out GoDaddy’s handy templates.


Is GoDaddy hosting worth it? In this GoDaddy hosting review, we went over some of the features to expect if you choose to subscribe. GoDaddy might not be for everyone, but it’s a good enough service for people needing fast and easy to use web hosting.

Overall Rating of GoDaddy:4 stars
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