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With the ever growing popularity of the internet more individuals are beginning to become aware of the benefits associated with selecting the appropriate web host for their needs.  There are a wide variety of different hosting providers available for your use ranging from Fatcow to Webhostinghub and each has their own array of benefits.  Selecting the appropriate hosting company is generally based on personal preference but with the use of the below comparison you will be able to understand the significant differences between Fatcow and Webhostinghub prior to utilizing one specific company.


The first factor for any individual to consider prior to using one particular hosting company is the price that is offered per month for the use of their services and the services that you acquire.  With Fatcow vs Webhostinghub you can expect to pay less money per month with Fatcow.  With the services provided by Fatcow at $3.67 per month, Webhostinghub charges their consumers $3.95 per month which will cost you $.30 more per month.  Alongside a less expensive hosting option you will also be able to acquire more features, better support, an overall better rate of performance and an outstanding amount of reliability with Fatcow.


When you compare Fatcow hosting to Webhostinghub in terms of free features that you acquire with signing with them, you will acquire a free site builder, free site set up, and free website templates that you can use to your advantage.  This can prove to be quite advantageous for first time website owners due to the fact that designing your templates from scratch can be a significantly difficult venture.  Also, with the ability to acquire free instant set up you won’t have to pay any hidden charges once you have created your desired web space.

Another feature that has proven to be quite popular with website owners is customer support.  Fatcow vs Webhostinghub customer support is a fascinating aspect due to the fact that you will receive the following with Fatcow: 24/7 telephone, server monitoring, ticket system, and a live chat option.  You will also receive video tutorials, access to a FAQ, a community forum, and a personalized user guide.


Essentially when you compare Fatcow and Webhostinghub to each other there are a wide array of benefits that are associated with the use of Fatcow’s services in comparison to Webhostinghub who charges more for less significant features.

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