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Fatcow VS Ipage

FatCow and iPage are two contenders that have been on the scene for quite a whole. Both have been victorious as other hosting companies have come and gone. Pitting these companies against one another in an all-out battle will surely be entertaining.

Battle Background
The contestants face off in the ring as the announcer reads qualifications. Both companies have been around for at least ten years. However, FatCow has a few more years, which is a good thing in this case. While iPage has millions of positive reviews, it hasn’t quite earned the industry accolades that adorn FactCow’s dressing room. iPage might still be the people’s favorite, though!

The Price is Right
FatCow tries to woo fans with its plans, which start at just $3.15 per month. However, iPage isn’t going to take this lying down. The company comes back with a three-month deal that allows customers to pay just $1.99 per month. After that, iPage users will have to pay only $2.95 per month for the rest of the term. While iPage seems to have the upper hand here, we’re not ready to give them the title. iPage may change its promotions in the future, so you’ll have to look out. FatCow is hardly out of the running, and even the most diehard proponent has to admit that the other guy is a serious match!

Plan for Plan
Both companies are in the same business. They want to win, so they provide basic yet comprehensive service to customers. There’s no tricky plan comparison, which makes either company the perfect solution if you’re just getting into the hosting spirit. Every time FatCow lunges forward, iPage ducks or leaps to the side. When iPage strikes out, FatCow has seen it coming. It looks like there’s no end in sight for this fight.

Fighting Over Features
When the bell rings again, both companies are ready to duke it out. However, they seem to be evenly matched in this round. Neither host imposes limits on disk space or bandwidth, and fans on either side are cheering loudly. Unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases make either host a great solution for folks with many websites. When one company throws a surprise punch, exclaiming about Google AdWords credits, site building tools or the ease with which clients can setup online retail space, the other returns in kind. Both hosts offer impressive script usage and some of the best customer support in the industry. The race is just too close to call as of yet.

Going Green
In an interesting twice, FatCow tries to end the fight by slamming the competitor with news of its eco-friendly operations. The company only uses community energy. However, iPage has a surprise in store! It, too, only uses green energy. In fact, wind power is 100% responsible for providing server power.

The fight has been head-to-head at this point, but one company has to emerge victorious. For its experience and awards, iPage wins the fight, and the crowd goes wild!

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iPage Review

ipage review

Overall Rating of iPage:5 stars
Review by Kirill KK

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