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Most businesses and organizations now have business websites. A good website will enhance the prospects of a business and a good web hosting service is essential for the success of the business online. Some of the top web hosting companies in the market are FatCow and InMotion. This is why consumers are trying to compare FatCow and inmotion. This is in their quest to determine which of these two web hosting companies provide the best service overall to customers. A good fatcow vs. inmotion comparison will help to reveal the benefits as well as the pros and cons of each company.


There are several factors that consumers need to look at when seeking the top, best or leading web hosting company. These factors include pricing, features that come with the hosting service, support provided by the company, performance of the host servers, reliability of the services and even the best price offered by the company. These tow companies are quite similar in what they offer that many customers give them top marks in terms of the services offered and the cost charged for this service. Both companies have been proclaimed as offering excellent customer service. Every time a client has a particular need they will call up the customer service department and they will have their issues addressed. This is basically a fatcow vs. inmotion comparison.


In motion web hosting services have several plans. There are the starter, basic and max plans which have limited storage and then there are the launch plan, power plan and pro plans which all   have unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. The cheaper plans have limited storage and bandwidths. The plans are also affordable, at about $3, $4 to $13.95 per month. Customers looking to compare FatCow and inmotion will note that fatcow has been said to be the most reliable and most affordable company that provides shared web hosting services. It is a great company because customers can reduce the cost of their hosting charges by using coupons. There are coupons available that can be used by customers who desire to reduce the cost of the web hosting services. Multiple domains can be maintained as a single account on this service.


However, when you compare FatCow and inmotion for their best price in terms of price and all other things are constant, then fatcow will be a little cheaper for the same service compared to inmotion.  The best price offered by fatcow is $3.67 per month as compared to the best price offered by inmotion, which is $5.95 per month.

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