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To compare Fatcow to other hosting companies just seems unfair. Still yet another battle has begin as Fatcow vs Hostmonster emerges. Many companies have thought that they had what it takes to beat Fatcow, and they have failed. Let’s see where Hostmonster came out in the competition. I can tell you, this was one close race.


Fatcow beat Hostmonster by a meager 4% in consumer votes. Fatcow is rated number 7 where Hostmonster came in at number 11 on the list of best web hosting services. Fatcow is said to have won by a landslide in categories like customer service, packages, domains, tools, dependability, server access and pricing options.


Fatcow is 3.67 USD at its lowest monthly price, and Hostmonster is 5.95 USD. Fatcow offers live chat, and its competitor does not.


Hostmonster did get a point in the server access details category by offering autonomous FTP, SSH and cron jobs where Fatcow did not. It tied with Fatcow on traffic tools, but in all other categories Fatcow defeated Hostmonster hands down.


Both services will give you a video tutorial, a FAQ, email support and 27/7 telephone access to customer service. Both will support Drupal, Perl and Python, but only Hostmonster will support font page extensions for your server and CGI. They both run on Linux, and they do daily backups and protection for your directories as well.


Only Fatcow has the custom templates and supports phpBB. It has a more user friendly interface, and a lot more marketing tools is at the users disposal. Sight builder tools are far more plentiful on Fatcow too. It is just the better choice. Since Fatcow offers only the services that you need it can offer the lowest prices and the best service.


Fatcow wins again. It took a good run with Hostmonster though, and they even lowered prices a bit. The two services were very close in comparison, price and quality. Still, beating Fatcow is no easy ordeal, and she to date remains undefeated.


Even with the defeat it may be hard to make a decision on the two providers as they both offer excellent services at great prices. It is recommended to visit each site individually and decide what service would better suit your particular needs. Keep in mind that Fatcow also runs on green energy, and that always scores a great deal of points with its fans.

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