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In choosing the most applicable hosting for you, no doubt you need to check the best offers made available at BlueHost and Fatcow. These are two of the biggest names in the business of hosting. BlueHost has started to become known in the market since 1996, being the main provider of hosting solutions for business or personal needs. On the other hand, Fatcow has grown rapidly since 1998 wherein you can find the best hosting solution. In making a choice between the two providers, there are important things you must likely consider when you compare hosting.

The first important thing to consider is the price when you purchase a hosting plan from both providers. At Fatcow, hosting plans start from the price of $3.67 every month wherein you get the cheaper service from the hosting provider. At BlueHost, you can find a hosting plan that is available at $6.95 every month wherein you can enjoy its best service at a much lower price. Both of them can give you an instant setup on your website for free, without hidden fees.

fatcow vs bluehost

After you have already considered its price, you must also consider the services and products made available from these hosting providers. With BlueHost, you can get a much simpler service but with no add-ons made available from your website. If you want a better website, you may find this unsuitable. With FatCow, on the other hand, there are various products made available outside webhosting. Once you pay for an additional fee, you will be able to avail website management, website design, marketing services, e-mail services and other add-ons in order for you to make use of your website.

Bluehost Review

When you are left with the decision of choosing between BlueHost and Fatcow, you must know what features in web hosting they offer. At BlueHost, you can find attractive features in hosting with the most up-to-date version of MySQL, Ruby and PHP on Rails. Additionally, you can have the ability to transfer FTP files and host unlimited domains. At FatCow, you will also have unlimited amount of e-mail accounts, MySQL databases and newsletter management tool. Nevertheless, no multimedia support is made available that’s why it is less attractive to buyers. The only difference between these hosting solutions is the control panel, wherein at BlueHost, you can have cPanel while on FatCow, a custom solution.

Ultimately, both of these hosting companies provide good services as you can easily contact their support that includes e-mail, video chat and free phone. Nevertheless, the online documentation from FatCow Web Hosting is better as compared to the BlueHost. At FatCow, you can find all the tips you need on “how to incorporate add-ons” and “how to add a domain”. It also offers more flexibility, which means to say that people will prefer it as their hosting solution.

Actually, both of these hosting providers merely offer excellent solutions. Fatcow vs. BlueHost is no longer an issue because it will still depend on the choice of the customer like you. So, have you made a decision now?


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