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Fatcow is just better hosting. Many comparisons have been done. Granted the race was close, Fatcow has come our ahead every time. It is hard to compare Fatcow to any other web hosting service, because in many ways it is just not fair to the competition. Still, there are companies who, every now and again, feel they have something to prove.

The newest comparison to hit the scene is Fatcow vs 1&1. This was a total comparison of apples to oranges. Fatcow beat 1&1 hands down. Where 1&1 only offers 250GB of disk space, Fatcow’s disk space is unlimited.

Plan Options

They both offer unlimited data transfer, but there is a cap on 1&1’s email accounts and domain count whereas Fatcow has none. Both have a site builder and a shopping cart, and both have a 30 day money back guarantee. Twenty four hour support is there for both web hosting companies as well.

Green Hosting

With all of the comparisons already the winner announces itself, but the real deal breaker was that Fatcow runs on green energy where 1&1 does not. In critical times within the environment and the green movement, how do people trust a web hosting company that does not incorporate the proper tools to go green like many of its predecessors have done? If that is not bad enough, 1&1 went as far as to charge almost 4.00 more for their not-so-green services, which pale in comparison to Fatcow’s ultimate coverage.

At the end of the day Fatcow just makes sense. Ordering is more than affordable on any budget. The site is completely user friendly, and you know exactly what you can expect. Fatcow always has friendly customer service representatives standing by to handle any issues or answer any questions that you may have.

Fatcow consists of a highly trained team of professionals that believe in making a difference. There is no hidden feed or agendas, so you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are in good hands.

And the winner is…

Since 1998 Fatcow has been dedicated to excellence, and all of the team members are held to the highest of standards. There are different sized packages like the MiniMoo for smaller buisness, so you only get what you need. What other web hosting company can offer you what Fat cow can? Many have tried, however like with the last conquest 1&1, they have fell very short of the mark.

FatCow vs. GoDaddy – Hosting Comparison


  • Disk Space – Unlimited
  • Data Transfer – Unlimited
  • Email Accounts – Unlimited
  • Domains Allowed – Unlimited
  • Site Builder
  • Shopping Cart
  • Support24x7
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Green Energy – Yes

Regularly $7.95
Now only $3.65/mo


  • Disk Space – 250GB
  • Data Transfer – Unlimited
  • Email Accounts – 2,500
  • Domains Allowed – 100
  • Site Builder
  • Shopping Cart
  • Support24x7
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Green Energy – No

Price: $3.99/mo – first 3 months, $9.99 after
 $5.34 More Per Month!

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Overall Rating of Fatcow:5 stars
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